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Equality Act 2010

How we are complying with our duties in the Equality Act 2010

Everyone covered by the new Code also: 

‘has duties in relation to disabled children and young people under the Equality Act 2010. They must not discriminate and they must make reasonable adjustments for disabled children and young people... [this] includes children with long term health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer.’ 

Therefore, in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice (2014), St John’s CE Primary School will work to be a fully inclusive and caring school which welcomes all children into its community. We will work with each child and his/her family in order to ensure they have the best start in life.

How we are complying with our duties in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014

Adaptations to the curriculum Teaching and Learning Environment 

St John’s CE Primary School is disability friendly. The school has a coherent Accessibility Plan within which all reasonable adjustments are made to meet the varying needs of our pupils. Other adaptations to the physical environment will be made, as appropriate, to accommodate children with other Sensory disabilities.  

All of our classrooms are inclusion-friendly: we aim to teach in a way that will support children with tendencies towards dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASC etc. This is good practice to support all children but is vital for those who particularly need it. All of our children access the full National Curriculum, and we recognise achievement and expertise in all curricular areas. As part of normal class differentiation, curriculum content and ideas can be simplified and made more accessible by using visual, tactile and concrete resources. 

Access to extra-curricular activities 

Where necessary, we make accommodation and adaptation to meet the physical and learning needs of our children. Class trips are part of our curriculum and we aim for all children to benefit from them. No child is excluded from a trip because of SEND, disability or medical needs. 

The Equality Information and Objective Policy can be found on the policies page by clicking here.